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International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN)

An organization called the International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN) exists to link ventilator users with each other and with health care professionals interested in home mechanical ventilation.The IVUN puts out a newsletter four times a year, and can be contacted at 4207 Lindell Blvd., #110, St. Louis MO 63108-2915 (314-534-0475, or FAX 314-534-5070)

2008 Resource Directory for Ventilator-Assisted Living is a networking tool for health professionals and both long-term and new ventilator users.

Listings include:

Take Charge, Not Chances

Aaron's Tracheostomy Message Boards

New Horizons Newsletter

New Horizons is a newsletter written specifically for the ventilator dependent adult by a vent user. The focus of New Horizons is advocacy issues concerning, independent living programs, specialized housing, communication with other vent users, personal stories, Medicaid programs and funding for home care, and problem solving.

See New Horizons Online here.

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