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Factsheet #10:
Male Reproductive Function After Spinal Cord Injury


There are approximately 10,000 people who survive a spinal cord injury every year, 80% of whom are male. Most are young and in what is considered their "reproductive years" or perhaps, looking forward to entering them. Although an injury to the spinal cord may affect the male's ability to achieve conception, there are numerous strategies available to help a couple wherein the man has a spinal cord injury to have children. In this factsheet, we will review the basic neuroanatomy of ejaculation, the process of sperm production and transport and the problem men with SCI face in terms of ejaculation and pregnancy achievement. We will then discuss the treatment options which help men with SCI overcome these difficulties that often lead to biological fatherhood.

Topics included in this fact sheet:

  • Neurophysiology of Ejaculation
  • Sperm Production and Transport
  • Sperm Retrieval Techniques

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NSCIA, 8/95

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